Design Date 10.20.2014

I exhausted my free time building the site and it was time to pay. According to my Mother Ms. Glenda, my company name is too hard to remember, people can't remember how to spell it and she just doesn't like it. SO, I added a domain name - the site is now officially "". One would think this would be an easy thing, but not with a name like Bobby Jones. Every version of Robert, R, B, Bobby, BJones are all gone unless it is some weird ending besides .com.

If that was not bad enough I am competing with the big boys, Bobby Jones the golfer, the gospel singer, and the basket ball player for the first four or more search pages on Google. All of these guys have or do some sort of art which is no help, but I have a goal to climb those pages and be on that first page at least.

Back to work this site can't finish it's self.