Design Date 11.15.14

I'm taking a break for a moment since this is the one month anniversary of my first post and this page is STILL not complete. This is not a bad thing since I've made a lot of changes to steam line everything as much as I can. The problem is changes take time and life just keeps throwing me curves to slow down my process and progress. However, I have finished and installed 75-80% of all the product photos, fun but very time consuming.

The page will be posted as soon as I get all the shipping and payment information installed. The page will start minus a few things like the mouse pad and coosie photos but that should not hurt anything. I'm sure this page will be constantly changing. This is exciting for me since I planned to have the online store up before the five year anniversary. The anniversary date is January 10, 2014 so I'll beat that deadline.

I've been changing my focus, the way I do things and the many things that did little more than slow me down. Hopefully the next post will be for the grand opening!