Design Date 11.23.2014

Well all I can say is this has been a learning experience... 

I'm still missing the Coolies and Mouse Pads but I may make the site live before I get all those posted. I had no idea how many products and designs I have - this is both good and bad. All this art all lot to keep up with. Some designs I forgot I even had and many of these everyone loves but I sold what I had and I never replaced them. 

I am finding out where all my originals are... and this is a good thing! 

The biggest problem now is getting this shipping the way I'd like for it to be. I don't want to make a penny from shipping and I never want a customer to pay more than they need to.

At this point I've studied too many websites to count. I'd like to make this the easiest site to navigate. I want this site clean and neat with no clutter (unlike my desk). I want everyone to find what they need without any problems and I want my art to shine.

The day is coming soon when this little blog is open to the world (you know the day I look back and say "What was I thinking") and the Design Date... will be rarely used. I don't know The Artist Log - design date... sounds good. All I know is right now this is causing a power drain on my creative engines.

I'm ready to get back up to warp speed and go where no artist  has gone before!