01.27.2015 Oh the Challenges...

Well it has been almost two months since I last posted. Christmas is always busy but still no excuse. I knew it would be a challenge for me to keep up a blog - I'm learning something I have always known...I have a procrastination problem. It is not really a big problem just a minor problem. The main problem I have is I'm too busy as always. I like to keep it this way. This keeps my creative juices flowing.

I'm figuring out things as I go since I have never shipped anything other than a painting all my products are a challenge.  Once I get all the sizes and packing materials set this should be no problem but for now it is since orders are coming in before my supplies are even ordered.  

So much for my problems but every once in a while I must "vent" or as many of my friends say "whine".

Today I bought a 36" x 36" canvas for my next painting. This too will be a challenge since I have no idea what I want to paint. Always searching for MY STYLE since I don't have one - I just create and hope for the best. I'm always learning and trying new things. Artists cannot grow if they don't experiment. Experimentation is probably the thing I like best about being an artist.

I see a trend with me lately. Painting on normal size canvas or board, nothing ever over a 16" x 20" for a painting was pretty much what I stuck with. As always I push my boundaries but lately the canvas sizes are growing, I'm finding bigger is better and I'm liking it! Last year was allegories for me (I only painted two to sell and the rest were commissions).  This year I really want to change things big time so the experiments will go on.

I've been challenged twice this week for the Artist Challenge on Facebook. This is fun for me because the challenge is to post three of your works everyday and nominate one artist for the challenge. This gives me a chance to post my work which I always enjoy but it also gives me a chance to let the world know my favorite artists and photographers. It is fun to see all the art on Facebook and it gives us all a chance to shine.

Now my last challenge for the day.... Can I shut down the studio and make it to dinner in 10 minutes?