Art is Everything and Everything is Art

I took the long way...

I've lived two lives - I'll name these lives “BA” (before art) and “AB” (art begins). 

BA - Before ART

  • Busboy

  • Vending machine mechanic

  • Twister Operator (cotton mill)

  • Band saw operator

  • Helicopter Mechanic (Army)

  • Ceramics/Photo Developing Instructor

  • Bottle/Canning line mechanic

  • 9 volt battery machine operator/mechanic

Yes it is a bit strange Mechanic to Artist. Well here's the deal - a mechanic is an artist. They are creative problem solvers. Mechanics don't just turn wrenches. A mechanic knows everything from wiring to welding, building to plumbing, chemicals to measuring. formulas and methods. From my point of view it is not a huge leap to be a artist but more like the same job only using  different tools.


The best decision I've ever made I moved to Atlanta and attended the Art Institute of Atlanta. This was probably the best experience of my life too. I graduated with a  "Associates in Arts in Visual Communications" majoring in graphic design with honors.

AB - ART Begins

  • Cross-stitch designer (StitchWorld & The Stichery Magazine)

  • Creative Director (The Design Connection cross-stitch)

  • Graphic Artist (Communicorp - printers)

  • Graphic Production (Thrifty Nickel / American Classifieds - classifieds paper)

  • Art Director (Auburn Engineers - ergonomics consulting firm)

  • Visual Information Lead- Training Support Center (Ft Benning - Army)

  • Visual Information Project Manager - Visual Information Center (Fort Benning - Army)

  • Business Owner/Artist/Marketing Director/Graphic Designer/printer/ product development/producer

Life is good and every day is very enjoyable. I now use everything I have learned as a mechanic and artist to create my world. Welcome I hope you enjoy!

"Give out - not up- Excuses are for failures!"   ~Bobby Jones

New Artists "Art Splash" Show - Joseph House Artists Cooperative Gallery 2010 with Sandy Paradise. Photographer Allison Frye

See what others don't see this is creativity

Columbus Artists' Guild Show 2014. Photographer John Tucker